Mr. Canute Fernandes has developed our web portal, He has done tremendous work while putting his great creativity & contents, without any much guidance given to him from our side.
The work itself shows his thinking which is out of the box.
We are very thankful to him regarding the work, which he has delivered to us.

Deepak Arora

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When it comes to adventure thrill and excitement there’s nothing better than Devils Circuit and no one better than Canute who has put in his blood and sweat out to bring an event like Devils Circuit to Mumbai. I was amazed to see his efforts to help promote our Mumbai event with his creative content that was quite remarkable. He is one Devil Slayer who has always been on his toes and up for any challenge.
Kudos for the hard work!

Joy Bhattacharya

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Met Canute while working with Kotak Mahindra Bank and was in the Human Resources Department. Loved his communication skills, helping attitude, acquiring qualifications for the betterment of his career. Banking has a bright future and with the qualification acquired, please keep up the excellent service you provided as a cutting edge, remember to help, and wishing you Godspeed, a bright future, and all the very best to you. Please do not forget to continue with your Networking skills. Take care.

Ganesh Anupindi

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